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Testimonios de orquestas y bandas que han participado en los programas de Music Contact International-music and friends.

Testimonials of bands and orchestras that have taken part in programs of Music Contact International-music and friends.

This event can be recommended

This event can be recommended. It provides an excellent opportunity for bands to do something together in a beautiful setting and a perfect organization. (Harmony Persistence d'Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland) - Prague Music Festival.

It was for us a very nice and pleasant journey

We want to thank you for the good organization and support of Nice in San Marino. It was for us a very nice and pleasant journey. Regardless of age, we were all very satisfied and will recommend your event .... (Fornach Trachtenkapelle Austria) - Maraton San marino.

It was a successful trip...

The performances were excellent  -all meticulously organized ... It was a successful trip and an unforgettable experience ... (Bockenauer Musicians Village, Germany) - Prague Music Festival

Congratulations for the excellent organization

Thank you very much for the lovely gift and congratulations for the excellent organization of the event and the closing ceremony! (Corpo Bandistico Dozzese folkloric, Italy)

...we are completely satisfied

Everything was good from start to finish. To put it in a nutshell: we are completely satisfied. Keep it up! (Rhythm and Melody Berlin Concert Band)

Thank you greatly for the perfect organization

On behalf of our association I would like to thank you greatly for the perfect organization. For the diverse program and for allowing  sufficient freedom for personal activities. The combination of sea, beach, the country side of the beautiful Emilia-Romagna, San Marino, the excellent range of cuisine in the winery and estate have exceeded our expectations. The location in San Marino Riccione is well chosen. The audience , especially in Riccione, was great... We can only recommend this trip (Musikverein Meilen, Switzerland)  Adriatica Music Festival.

...we have only praise for the excellent

We were very happy ... This weekend will be firmly etched in our memories. From the very beginning,  we have only praise for the  excellent collaboration ... We felt at ease at all times and everyone was thrilled. We'll be back As soon as we can, (the harmony-Sailly Flibeaucourt, France)
Marathon Luxemburg-Luxembourg

Hemos disfrutado de este viaje a Praga

Hemos disfrutado de este viaje a Praga en gran medida por la recepción y la excelente organización, ... Los recuerdos permanecerán largo tiempo en nuestros corazones. (Fanfarria de la Ville de Romont, Francia). Festival Musical de Praga.

Your organization does a great job...

Festival Maraton San Marino-Adriatica
We had a wonderful time in Italy and San Marino. Your organization does a great job (as in Prague) ... (Bleck out Light Orchestra Metal, Sweden)

...excelente oportunidad para las bandas

Este evento se recomienda. Proporciona una excelente oportunidad para las bandas para tomar algo juntos en un bonito entorno y una organización perfecta. (Armonía Perseverancia d'Estavayer-le-Lac, Suiza) - Festival Musical de Praga.